Our Philosophy

Pinnacle’s philosophy is to provide specialist investment managers with superior distribution, fund infrastructure and support services to enable them to focus on delivering investment excellence to their clients. Our affiliated managers operate autonomously, in line with our philosophy that ‘supported independence’ is an essential ingredient in sustaining investment excellence and business resilience over the long term.

The Model

Pinnacle holds equity interests in a number of specialist investment managers and provides them with a governance framework, working capital, seed funding, and a comprehensive range of institutional quality and cost effective distribution and other non-investment support services.

Why Pinnacle?

Supported Independence

The Pinnacle business model, comprising several investment managers under the one ‘umbrella’, is stronger than that of many single investment managers. Stand-alone managers can struggle in a highly regulated and demanding environment to provide the high quality infrastructure needed for modern investment management, and with achieving the resourcing depth, scale economies and purchasing power of their institutional and multi-affiliate / ‘house of boutique’ peers. The Pinnacle model is well accepted and endorsed by national and global research groups.

Distribution Services

  • Product distribution
  • Marketing and business development


Investment Infrastructure

  • Business management
  • Licencing and insurance
  • Compliance and risk
  • Company secretarial and legal counsel
  • Financial reporting and accounting
  • Human resources
  • Information technology
  • Operations and operational support
  • Middle office functions
  • Responsible entity services

Why Boutiques?


Pinnacle believes there is a superior way to undertake investment management, which requires a ’boutique environment’ coupled with ‘institutional resourcing’. Pinnacle provides the ideal environment to enable its boutiques to produce superior investment performance.

  • A stable operating environment which frees investment professionals from unnecessary distractions
  • Strong, clear, repeatable and consistent investment processes;
  • High quality, experienced, dedicated and passionate investment professionals;
  • Independence, autonomy and freedom from bureaucracy;
  • Rewards and interests closely aligned to clients, with long-term equity participation in the business;
  • Flexibility to respond to changing market conditions.