Our Purpose, Values, and Responsible Investment

Our Purpose:

To enable better lives through investment excellence.

Our values and expectations:


We are committed to a standard of excellence in both investment and operations.

We are continually looking to raise the bar to stay ahead of the curve for all our clients. Not only in investment management and producing excellent investment returns, but also service, productivity, marketing, distribution, risk & compliance, manufacturing, administration, global thinking, infrastructure, decision making and teamwork.

We encourage our people to always share their point of view. To constantly look for ways to contribute across our organisation. To inspire people. Challenge the norm. To be passionate in everything they do.

Client Focus

Client centricity is fundamental. It’s the way we do business.

We have a distinct culture that obsesses about all our clients, including our very important affiliates, customers & investors. We are committed to strong client service and satisfaction and are structured to deliver a consistently outstanding client experience.

We expect our people to engage with and listen to all our clients including our affiliates. To anticipate & identify their needs and desires and to constantly search for ways to improve their experience and unleash their potential. We ask our people to put our clients first in everything that they do. To show that they care and always go the extra mile.

Honesty & Integrity

We believe that it’s a great privilege to serve people and to be entrusted with their investments to help them meet their needs.

Individuals are expected to commit and contribute to our culture of acting lawfully, ethically and responsibly. To have a strong working knowledge of and adhere to our ‘Code of Conduct’.

We encourage our people to demonstrate a strong personal work ethic and question behaviours inconsistent with our values. To make wise decisions and to do the right thing even when no-one else is looking. Make promises that they can keep. To do what they say and to do it with integrity.

Our people must: work hard & take responsibility for their own productivity & effectiveness; be generous with their time and thinking; practice equality & inclusiveness; ask their colleagues if they are ok, if they need a hand; give other people credit and treat everyone with respect.


We’re a progressive, nimble, talent driven, distribution and funds management infrastructure powerhouse.

Our team never stop dreaming, inventing, improving, imagining about how we can keep enabling better lives for people in a whole range of ways. We demonstrate flexibility and are prepared to adapt to our constantly changing needs.


We are a rapidly growing, inclusive, diverse, open organisation abundant with opportunities. We’re committed to adhering both to the letter and to the spirit, of regulatory and legal obligations, to ensure that all our Clients’ interests are aligned & prioritised.

Our people learn from and collaborate with, the best in the business in a non-hierarchical, flexible, cross functional environment, which embraces differing perspectives, enables empowerment, fosters individual growth and thought. They have the support, power and freedom to do great things for our important affiliates, who in turn have the space & freedom to focus on driving excellent returns for our investors & shareholders.

Responsible Investment:

Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG)

We have implemented a number of initiatives across the Pinnacle group as we increase our commitment to ESG and strive for our organisation to be a leader as a Responsible Firm for our clients, staff, shareholders and broader community.

We’re proud to be recognised as a CDP discloser, committing to environmental transparency by disclosing our climate change impact through CDP, a global non-profit that runs the world’s leading environmental disclosure platform. CDP drives companies to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, safeguard water resources and protect forests. You can read our CDP Climate change disclosure in full here. 

Pinnacle is proud to be certified Carbon Neutral by Climate Active for FY20 emissions. Pinnacle believes the first step to managing climate risk is to understand our emissions sources and verify the integrity of those sources. Through Climate Active Carbon Neutral certification, we can better manage our GHG risk exposure and identify areas for improvement. See our Climate Active Carbon Neutral certificate.