September 2022

The 2022 Pinnacle Investment Summit captures all our major asset classes, best ideas, key Insights and outlook from 9 of Australia’s leading Fund Managers.

Global Equities

Jacob Mitchell, CIO and Lead Portfolio Manager

Jacob outlines how Antipodes are navigating the shifting landscape with a pragmatic approach to value investing.

Fixed Income

Christopher Joye, Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager

Christoper outlines why Cash & Bonds are suddenly hot in a rising interest rate climate.


Blake Henricks, Deputy MD and Portfolio Manager

Blake uncovers Firetrail’s approach to finding winners in a messy macro environment.

Australian Small Caps

David Wanis, CIO and Portfolio Manager

David presents his approach to small cap investing; navigating the times with consistency and lower fees.

Private Debt

Andrew Lockhart, Managing Partner

Andrew presents the compelling case for private debt for income in a rising interest rate environment.


Dr Don Hamson, Managing Director

Don outlines the latest shape of dividend income with recent highlights of the reporting season.

Global Property

Andrew Parsons, Chief Investment Officer

Andrew Parsons presents the case for GREITs: An investment solution for all seasons.

Australian Large Caps

Michael Bell, Chief Investment Officer

Michael details Solaris’ approach to long short investing, and the opportunities it presents through market cycles.


Marcus Burns and Matthew Booker, Co-Founders and Portfolio Managers

Marcus and Matthew hone in on the importance of small companies with solid cash flows, with stock examples.


Andrew Tang, Fund Strategist at Morgans Financial; Daryl Wilson, CIO of Affluence Funds Management

Andrew and Daryl share their views on the pros and cons of seven of Pinnacle’s active ETFs and LICs and where they fit in a client’s portfolio.

Netwealth Insights

Matt Heine, Managing Director

Netwealth’s Managing Director, Matt Heine, shares the latest research from their 2022 Advice Tech report, exploring the human side of technology through the lenses of staff and clients.

Pinnacle Summit Series - Latest Strategies (July 2022)

New solutions, new opportunities

Whether it’s the search for better portfolio diversification, ESG considerations, or simply a desire for performance and aligned management, new investment strategies can be a strong solution for all types of investors. The Pinnacle Summit Series Latest Strategies event, held during July 2022, showcased a suite of new strategies - lifting the lid on the unique processes, the management teams and how they’re thinking about the outlook for domestic and global markets in FY23. Watch all the highlights below.

Aikya Emerging Markets Opportunities Fund

Rahul Desai, Investment Analyst & Portfolio Manager

Rahul discusses Aikya’s approach to investing in Emerging Markets and why text book approaches to investing often don’t work in this asset class.

Firetrail S3 Global Opportunities Fund

Anthony Doyle, Head of Investment Strategy

Anthony discusses positive change opportunities in global equities and the strategy behind the Firetrail S3 Global Opportunities Fund.

Langdon Global Smaller Companies Fund

Greg Dean, Founder & Lead Investor

Greg introduces his brand new firm in Toronto and the team’s approach to global small cap investing.

Palisade Impact Fund

Vilija Robinson, Investment Manager

Vilija explains how and why Palisade Impact is building exposure to unlisted infrastructure assets that provide solutions to environmental and social challenges.

Plato Global Net Zero Hedge Fund

Dr. David Allen, Head of Short/Long Strategies

David discusses the Plato Global Net Zero Hedge Fund and how the Plato team identifies long and short global equity positions.

Resolution Capital Real Assets Fund

Jan de Vos, Real Assets/GLI Portfolio Manager

Jan discusses the Resolution Capital Real Assets Fund and shares expert insights into the Listed Real Assets sector.

Solaris Australian Equity Income Fund

Charles Casey, Analyst

Charles discusses how Solaris aims to generate strong and sustainable dividend income.

Spheria Opportunities Fund

Marcus Burns, Co-Founder & Portfolio Manager

Marcus presents Spheria’s approach in Australian mid-small companies; an emphasis on risk management and cash flow generation.

Drummond Capital Partners

Caitriona Wortley, Head of Strategic Growth

Caitriona outlines Drummond’s approach to investing in new and innovative investment solutions.

Pinnacle Summit Series - Alternatives (May 2022)

They key to new-world portfolios?

It’s no surprise alternatives are prompting a re-think of traditional 60/40 investment portfolios. At this event held during May 2022, we showcased six solutions that aim to help investors gain exposure to truly uncorrelated returns to those offered by traditional equities and cash. The event provided exclusive insights into the unique asset classes, the investment strategies, and perspectives on the outlook for the respective sectors. Watch all the highlights below.

Firetrail Absolute Return Fund

Patrick Hodgens, MD & Portfolio Manager

Patrick Hodgens shares insights into the Firetrail Absolute Return Fund, including how the investment team exploits long and short investment opportunities.

Introduction to Five V Capital

Adrian MacKenzie, Partner

Adrian MacKenzie discusses Five V’s unique approach to Private Equity, Growth Equity and Venture Capital.

Riparian Water Fund

Nick Waters, Managing Partner

Nick Waters provides insights into the Australian Water Entitlements market and how the asset class can help provide diversified exposure to Australian agriculture.

Australian Private Debt

Andrew Lockhart, Managing Partner

Andrew Lockhart outlines Metrics’ approach to investing in Private Debt and examines some of the key topical issues in asset class in 2022.

Unlisted Infrastructure in mainstream portfolios

Vicki Rigg, Managing Director

Vicki Rigg shares insights into the unlisted infrastructure sector and explains some of the key benefits of investing in mid-market assets.

The Big Short

Christopher Joye, CIO & Dr Stephen Parker, Portfolio Manager & Quant Analyst

Christopher Joye and Stephen Parker discuss Coolabah’s recent modelling and the investment team’s views on the outlook for markets in 2022 and beyond.

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