We unleash the potential of our people, our clients, our investors, the people in our communities.”

Pinnacle History

Since 2006, Pinnacle Investment Management has rapidly expanded its global footprint, building a robust and diverse business positioned to succeed across market cycles. We choose only to partner with Affiliates that can demonstrate growth potential and whose management teams have strong track records.

Pinnacle: An Increasingly Diversified Business

30 June 2016 FUM by Asset Class

30 June 2023 FUM by Asset Class

Global Presence

We provide investors around the world with access to industry-leading strategies from our Affiliates.


Level 25, Australia Square Tower, 264 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000


Floor 8, 125 Broad St, London EC2N 1AR United Kingdom


Level 19, 307 Queen Street Brisbane QLD 4000


Level 8, 90 Collins St Melbourne VIC 3000

New York

1185 Avenue of the Americas, 3rd Floor, New York NY 10036


30A Hazelton Ave, Suite 400, TORONTO, ON, M5R 2E2


Purpose & Values

To enable better lives through investment excellence.


We are committed to a standard of excellence in both investment and operations.

We are continually looking to raise the bar to stay ahead of the curve for all our clients. Not only in investment management and producing investment returns, but also distribution, service, marketing, risk & compliance, administration, global thinking, infrastructure, decision making and teamwork.


We believe that it’s a great privilege to serve people and to be entrusted with their investments to help them meet their needs.

Individuals are expected to commit and contribute to our culture of acting lawfully, ethically and responsibly. To have a strong working knowledge of and adhere to our ‘Code of Conduct’.

We encourage our people to demonstrate a strong personal work ethic and question behaviours inconsistent with our values. To make wise decisions and to do the right thing even when no-one else is looking. Make promises that they can keep. To do what they say and to do it with integrity.


We’re a progressive, nimble, talent driven, distribution and funds management infrastructure powerhouse.

Our team never stop dreaming, inventing, improving, imagining about how we can keep enabling better lives for people in a whole range of ways. We demonstrate flexibility and are prepared to adapt to our constantly changing needs.


Our people learn from and collaborate with the best in the business in a non-hierarchical, flexible, cross functional environment, which embraces differing perspectives, enables empowerment, fosters individual growth and thought. They have the support, power and freedom to do great things for our important Affiliates, who in turn have the space & freedom to focus on driving excellent returns for our investors, shareholders and our broader community.

Business Model

Pinnacle Investment Management is growing a diverse family of world-class investment management firms (Affiliates). Along with holding equity interests in our Affiliates, we provide seed funding, global institutional and retail distribution, and industrial grade middle office and infrastructure services. By providing our Affiliates with superior non-investment services, we enable them to focus on delivering investment excellence to their clients.

  • Distribution services
  • Financial reporting & accounting
  • Human resources
  • Information Technology
  • Investment Infrastructure
  • Legal support
  • Licencing
  • Marketing & business development
  • Middle office functions
  • Operations & operational support
  • Responsible entity services
  • Risk & Compliance


Life at pinnacle

There are few workplaces in the financial services industry as dynamic and diverse as what you’ll find at Pinnacle. One day you may be working alongside and supporting leading fund managers, the next assisting clients achieve their investment objectives with cutting-edge data analytics at your fingertips. Pinnacle’s workplace culture is one of collaboration, support and continuous personal development. Most importantly, we believe work-life balance is critical in enabling our people to reach their full potential.

Pinnacle recognises the benefits of a diverse group of employees reflecting different backgrounds, perspectives, styles, knowledge, experience and abilities. Workplace diversity in this context includes but is not limited to; gender, gender identity, age, race, disability, nationality, marital status, cultural background, sexual orientation, religious belief and ethnicity.

We are committed to workplace diversity and the Pinnacle Diversity Policy further outlines its focus on recruiting, developing, rewarding and retaining people with diverse backgrounds to meet the needs of our clients, shareholders and community.

To support the achievement of our diversity objectives, Pinnacle undertakes the following initiatives:

  • equal opportunity recruitment process that draws a diverse pool of both applicants and shortlisted candidates for all positions, including Board and senior management appointments;
  • flexible work arrangements to assist employees to balance their work, personal and family responsibilities;
  • sponsoring Women in Finance scholarships to assist female university students in gaining a greater understanding of and experience in investment management.

Pinnacle has a strong focus on the development of its staff and facilitates practical development initiatives such as secondments, on the job rotational assignments and on demand learning programs. Access to each of these is based on merit, learning needs and equality. Each individual within Pinnacle has a personal development plan and meets regularly with their manager to discuss performance and relevant development initiatives that support Pinnacle’s commercial goals and the individual’s career aspirations.

In addition to these regular employee check ins, to help ensure a sense of purposeful direction for each employee and connectedness, the Group comes together at least twice yearly to hear directly from Ian Macoun, Pinnacle’s Managing Director.

Our people are key to the success of the Company and Pinnacle takes an active involvement in staff welfare and engagement. Pinnacle is fully supportive of initiatives to optimise the mental health of its employees. Pinnacle has an Employee Assistance Program for Pinnacle employees and their immediate family members. Confidential counselling is available to provide support on a range of personal and work-related issues. Pinnacle Directors monitor workloads, wellbeing and resourcing to ensure mental health is not compromised during periods of high stress.

Pinnacle is committed to providing a flexible working environment that suits an employee’s personal circumstances. Several employees are currently on part time working arrangements to enable them to balance family and personal responsibilities.

Compressed working weeks is another initiative Pinnacle is receptive to in circumstances where it is warranted. Following the birth of a child, the relevant people manager remains in communication with the employee on parental leave via ‘Keeping in Touch’ days so they feel informed and connected thereby assisting with the transition back to work. 

Student & Graduate Opportunities

Pinnacle Investment Management takes pride in ensuring graduates undertake real world work experience from day one, while receiving guidance to help assist them unlock their full potential.

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Our Pinnacle Teams

Pinnacle’s diverse team structure consists of groups of highly experienced professionals dedicated to Pinnacle’s philosophy, purpose and values.

Our Affiliate Teams

Our high-performing affiliate investment management businesses are built around diverse and dynamic team structures. Each consists of a broad variety of roles offering a wide range of career opportunities.

To register your interest for career opportunities email careers@pinnacleinvestment.com