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15TH MARCH 2024

Hyperion named 2024 Morningstar Fund Manager of the Year

Hyperion Asset Management

Hyperion Asset Management has been named Morningstar Fund Manager of the Year at the 2024 Morningstar Awards for Investing Excellence.

Along with the coveted overall Fund Manager of the Year award, Hyperion was also recognised in three other category awards, including:

  • Fund Manager of the Year (Domestic Equities – Small Caps)
  • Fund Manager of the Year Finalist (Global Equities)
  • Fund Manager of the Year Finalist (Australian Equities – Large Caps)

Hyperion’s Chief Investment Officer, Mark Arnold, and Deputy Chief Investment Officer Jason Orthman credited the recognition to Hyperion’s disciplined proprietary investment process which has demonstrated how skilled bottom-up long-term structural growth investing can generate superior long-term performance for clients.

“Our concentrated portfolios of quality structural growth companies, provide unique diversification which has benefited long-term investors. Many of our portfolio companies comprise numerous underlying businesses and associated income streams, and most of the largest stock positions have several unrelated operations across separate industries.

“We think the outlook for quality structural growth investing has never been better. Our portfolio companies demonstrate continued growth by taking market share, sustainable competitive advantages, and pricing power. Our team continues to see material opportunities to generate alpha from mispriced long-term structural growth.”

Morningstar Award finalists and winners are determined by a combination of research by Morningstar’s manager research analysts; risk-adjusted medium- to long-term performance track records; and performance in the 2023 calendar year.

2024 is the third time Hyperion has been named the Morningstar Fund Manager of the Year (previously in 2021 and 2016)

For fund performance and further information:

Information about the Morningstar Fund Manager of the Year Awards:


Morningstar Awards [2024](c). Morningstar, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Awarded to Hyperion Asset Management for Overall Fund Manager of the Year 2024, and Aus Equities Small Caps, Australia (Finalist, Aus Equities Large Caps, Global Equities). Hyperion neither provided nor was given compensation in relation to the above-mentioned awards, however Hyperion pays licensing fees in order to be able to display these awards’ logos.

This content is prepared by Hyperion Asset Management Limited ABN 80 080 135 897 AFSL 238 380 (‘Hyperion’). Hyperion believes the information contained in this document is reliable, however no warranty is given as to its accuracy and persons relying on this information do so at their own risk. Any opinions or forecasts reflect the judgment and assumptions of Hyperion and its representatives based on information at the date of publication and may later change without notice. Any projections contained are estimates only and may not be realised in the future. Returns from investments may fluctuate and past performance is for illustrative purposes only and is not a reliable indicator of future performance. This information is for general information only. It has been prepared without taking account of any person’s objectives, financial situation or needs. Any person relying on this information should obtain professional advice before doing so. To the extent permitted by law, Hyperion disclaims all liability to any person relying on the information in respect of any loss or damage (including consequential loss or damage) however caused, which may be suffered or arise directly or indirectly in respect of such information contained in this website.

References to ‘sustainable/sustainably’, mean that we only invest in businesses that we believe have high quality attributes, including strong and resilient value propositions, competitive advantages which we consider can be maintained beyond the short term, innovative cultures and large addressable markets. These elements, together with our proprietary portfolio management system that sets stock weights based on risk adjusted long-term forecast returns, aim to help grow clients’ capital over the long term. While environmental sustainability is one of a number of relevant considerations that forms part of the investment analysis which we undertake, this is not the context in which we use the term “sustainable/sustainably” here.

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